Photo of Jason Kiss

My name is Jason Kiss. I am a web accessibility consultant and researcher located in the Wellington region, New Zealand. I think that all people, regardless of ability or technology, have a right to quality digital content, services, and applications.

I am currently Lead Consultant on digital accessibility for Access Advisors.

From March 2011 to August 2017, I was employed by the New Zealand Government, providing leadership and advice on the implementation of the New Zealand Government Web Standards.

Prior to moving to New Zealand in late 2009, I worked for the CTO of the Government of Canada in the Common Look and Feel (CLF) office, maintaining, monitoring and enforcing the standards that all Canadian government sites must meet. A major component of those standards is accessibility. I served as a technical consultant to various government departments, and contributed to related policy concerning the government’s use of web technologies.

I also have substantial experience working with Canadian government-funded museum and cultural organisation websites, which have a basic mandate to be accessible. I established and maintained the technical standards for those websites, while helping their third-party developers to find accessible solutions.