Photo of Jason Kiss

My name is Jason Kiss. I am a web accessibility and standards researcher located in Wellington, New Zealand. I am passionate about promoting access for all people, regardless of ability or technology, to quality content and services through standards-compliant, professionally designed and developed interactive web sites and applications.

As of March 2011, I've been employed by the New Zealand government, providing leadership and advice surrounding the implementation of the New Zealand Government Web Standards. Needless to say, all research and perspectives posted on this site are my own and not a reflection of New Zealand government policy or opinion.

Prior to moving to New Zealand in late 2009, I worked for the CTO of the Government of Canada in the Common Look and Feel (CLF) office, maintaining, monitoring and enforcing the standards that all Canadian government sites must meet. A major component of those standards is accessibility. I served as a technical consultant to various government departments, and contributed to related policy concerning the government’s use of web technologies.

I also have substantial experience working with Canadian government-funded museum and cultural organisation websites, which have a basic mandate to be accessible. I established and maintained the technical standards for those websites, while helping their third-party developers to find accessible solutions.