Archives: August 2011

Responsive Data Tables and Screen Reader Accessibility

When Chris Coyier presented his approach to responsive data tables, I wondered about the implications for accessibility, particularly for screen readers. This was especially so since the approach involves replicating each of the table’s column headers as CSS-generated content for the relevant table cell, and presenting each data cell, together with this generated header text, as a block-level element. In… Continue reading

JAWS, Window-Eyes and display:none: Return to 2007

I was recently asked if JAWS and Window-Eyes still displayed the bugs described by Gez Lemon in 2007 whereby content hidden using display:none was read by the screen readers under certain conditions. The JAWS Bug Back then, the situation with JAWS 7.1 was that it announces content in a span element hidden with display: none if it is in an… Continue reading