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(Not so) Simple ARIA Tree Views and Screen Readers

I started testing a number of screen readers with different ARIA tree views. It turns out there’s a bit going on with screen readers and tree views, so the research got a little lengthy. It also turns out that there’s significant variability across screen readers in how they handle different ARIA tree views. I found no single way to build… Continue reading

ARIA Widgets and Focus/Forms Mode Support in JAWS and NVDA

When using ARIA composite application widgets, e.g., combobox, menubar, tree, authors are expected to implement appropriate keyboard interaction and focus management. Where screen readers that use virtual buffers are concerned, notably JAWS, NVDA, and Window-Eyes, this means invoking their special passthrough mode referred to as forms mode, focus mode, or sometimes application mode. VoiceOver on the Mac doesn’t use virtual… Continue reading

Not All ARIA Widgets Deserve role="application"

There are currently some great examples of WAI-ARIA-enabled widgets out there making the rounds. In particular, there’s Hans Hillen’s JQuery Widget Samples and the collection from the OpenAjax Alliance. These are nothing short of very useful. After all, ARIA is yet to be a full W3C recommendation (or standard, if you prefer), and we are all, or at least I… Continue reading