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Take the Time with Quick Reviews to Go Into Detail

Are you, at least in a professional capacity, occasionally asked to provide rather ad hoc comments on this or that web page markup? I am. Regularly, though, I make the mistake of assuming that the developers who will be receiving my comments are aware of web standards and accessibility concerns that I typically consider part of good development. This is… Continue reading

It's Spelled aria-labelledby

This is just a quick note on spelling. The specification for aria-labelledby identifies the attribute’s correct spelling as “aria-labelledby”, as opposed to what might be its expected U.S. English spelling, “aria-labeledby”. Apparently, the approved spelling was selected to minimize the difficulty for developers. However, seeing as how easy it is to find examples in the wild where the attribute is… Continue reading

Not All ARIA Widgets Deserve role="application"

There are currently some great examples of WAI-ARIA-enabled widgets out there making the rounds. In particular, there’s Hans Hillen’s JQuery Widget Samples and the collection from the OpenAjax Alliance. These are nothing short of very useful. After all, ARIA is yet to be a full W3C recommendation (or standard, if you prefer), and we are all, or at least I… Continue reading

Programmatically Determined

The phrase “programmatically determined” features prominently in six of the 61 WCAG 2.0 Success Criteria. It’s a bit of a mouthful, for sure, and perhaps a little daunting to those getting into accessibility and WCAG for the first time, but it’s really not that complicated. Whatever the case, I think “programmatically determined” is a very useful concept for explaining, particularly to web developers, something about WCAG, what web accessibility means and why the proper use of HTML is so important. Continue reading

"Continue Reading" Links in WordPress

I recently rebuilt this site using WordPress 3.0, which was a lot of fun. Part of the fun was developing my own theme to try and make greater use of HTML5 and to improve accessibility. I did this by making changes to the various template files that come with the default Twenty Ten theme. One of the changes I made… Continue reading