Archives: October 2011

JAWS, IE and Headings in HTML5

If you use explicitly ranked h1 to h6 headings nested in HTML5 sectioning elements, as opposed to using exclusively h1 elements, JAWS 12.0.1170, as well as the JAWS 13.0.171 beta, will misrepresent the heading hierarchy. Headings in HTML5 The HTML5 outline algorithm allows us to use the h1 element for every heading on a page, and depending on the nesting… Continue reading

Small Change to Site Architecture

When I first rolled out this site, I figured I would write protracted research articles on accessibility, as well as shorter blog posts of an ad hoc nature, hence the previous and separate “Research” and “Blog” sections of the site. Turns out I’m hardly that prolific, and the distinction between research articles and blog posts soon became rather arbitrary. So… Continue reading