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HTML5, ARIA Roles, and Screen Readers in May 2010

Note: Updated research and results for March 2011. There are some good, helpful examples and work out there already showing how some screen readers deal with various HTML5 constructs and ARIA roles. I know the specs are not finished yet and assistive technology vendors are always working on it, but I wanted to play around a bit and confirm for… Continue reading

ARIA alertdialog tests

the alertdialog examples below are not modal, nor do they leave the visual layout undisturbed, but this is not what is being tested, which is how NVDA and some other screen readers handle them NVDA tests performed with Firefox 3.6 JAWS tests performed with Internet Explorer 8 Update: A day or so after posting these test cases, NVDA fixed things… Continue reading

Variations on Ginader’s [Awesome] Accessible Tabs

Skip to Ginader’s Original Accessible Tabs Example Skip to the test cases Background Dirk Ginader’s Accessible Tabs jQuery plugin is just awesome. I love it. Providing straightforward, accessible solutions like this to such commonly used, and very often inaccessible, web interfaces is the way to go. The key to the plugin, as Ginader clearly explains, is ensuring that navigation takes… Continue reading

JAWS, Window-Eyes and Character References

About the Tests These test results present the spoken output from JAWS, version 8.0, and Window-Eyes, version 6.1, when reading the 252 character references specified in HTML 4.01. Though JAWS 9.0 was not tested, I’m assuming, based on correspondence with Freedom Scientific, that its results would be identical with those of JAWS 8.0. Each screen reader was tested with default… Continue reading