Slides from WDCNZ 2013

Slides from my WDCNZ 2013 presentation, "Make your widgets sing with ARIA":

Note: The presentation was about screen reader and keyboard support for ARIA widgets, so I didn't bother scripting mouse support for the custom slider widget, which will only work with a keyboard.

2 Responses to Slides from WDCNZ 2013

  1. 1. Ash:

    On slide 33 you have specified tabindex="-1" for the two hidden tabs – doesn’t this mean those tabs will never be accessed by tabbing using a keyboard?

  2. 2. Jason:

    Hi Ash,

    The recommended keyboard interaction pattern for tabs is to only have the currently selected tab control in the TAB order, so it gets tabindex="0" and the others get tabindex="-1". This gets dynamically updated when one selects another tab control using the arrow keys, as do the relevant aria-* attributes.

    You can

    Also see

    Some folks prefer a pattern where all tab controls are in the TAB order and pressing Space or Enter activates it. I decided to stick with the pattern recommended in the ARIA Authoring Practices document.

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